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Time to get Creative: Tin Can Storage

Okay so one of my promises this year was to add a variety of different posts onto my site instead of just keeping it strictly music/movie related. While the majority of my posts will still be mainly in the entertainment category I wanted to add things that are related to another passion of mine: Crafting.

Yes it sounds absolutely nerdy, and I 100 per cent agree - but I don't care. I've always been creative, writing, making homemade things etc, and as I get older, I'm always trying to find new and creative ways to either create storage, decorations, or gifts that are unique and special to whoever you decide to give it to.

I've made a lot of things in the past including scrapbooks, handmade cards, photo frames, and yes, even hand-knitted stuffed animals!

So my vow is to post things that I find and have created personally so I can tell you what to do and so you can enjoy it and share with others as well!


Have any of you heard of I'm slightly (and by slightly I mean HIGHLY) addicted to that website and have recently found TONS of neat and unique crafty ideas that will have anybody going, "I can do that!" And you can. Each project that I have done range from easy to complex and depending on how you're abilities are, most are rather easy if you take time and patience!

These Tin Can Storage Containers are definitely VERY easy to create!

Photo is courtesy of Taryn McElheran
All you need:
- Various sizes of tin cans (pre-washed and dried of course)
- Glue (I just used regular every day white school glue)
- Scrapbook paper (pick randomly or choose a colour palette that will go together and/or with your home)
- Any decorations you want to use (i.e. ribbon, stickers, jewels etc)

So all you have to do is measure out the size of the tin can and cut the paper down to size. Be careful of using the wider, shorter cans because they're a little harder to cover fully. Most cans can be covered fully by the 12x12 scrapbook paper so all you need to measure really is the height.

Next use use the white glue and run it down length-wise. Use your finger (or sponge or whatever) to spread it out a bit so it doesn't make the paper soggy). Then put your edge of paper down the tin can and then wrap! Add a bit of glue the same way so the paper holds. Keep your fingers pressed against it for a little while so the glue can set!

It's that simple!! The picture I have is the colour palette I chose. My room is gold so I chose a black and white theme throughout my room and the cans reflect that! Decorate how you want and let your imagination soar!


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